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• Simple life-transforming process to build courage, master your fears and transform your life forever 
• Help people overcome their greatest fears by using a simple yet powerful technique

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Fear is a normal part of life, and sometimes it can get in the way of our success.

We're afraid of rejection, failure and success. We fear our dreams and the unknown future ahead of us. Most people live their life in a way that keeps them stuck in this vicious cycle of self-doubt. They are too scared to take action because they don't believe they can succeed or fail at it.
The solution lies within you! You have the power to become courageous enough to face your fears head-on and transform your life for good! That's what I did when I wrote 'Transform Your Fears into Courage'. This book will show you how with simple exercises anyone can build courage by taking action towards facing their fears head-on, every single day! These strategies have changed my life for the better forever, so just imagine what it could do for yours?

"An inspirational, heart-warming and powerful ebook series transforming life’s deepest ‘darks’ into the world’s beaming ‘brights’. An emotional story of courage that captures Hacia’s journey of vulnerability, fears and defeat into extraordinary strength, resilience and determination. A motivational series for anyone searching to uncover amazing opportunities."

Leanne Elich
CEO, Honorary Clinical Fellow

"We had Hacia as a guest speaker for our 3rd annual Girls With Hammers conference and she was amazing. Her story of courage and resilience had everybody on the edge of their seats, as well as turning on the tears and laughter in our audience. Hacia was well presented, professional and had a first class slide deck to accompany her talk. Hacia was super easy to deal with and extremely reliable. Highly recommended!"

Kerryn Vaughan
Co-founder - Girls With Hammers

"Hacia is one of those rare Leaders capable of inspiring a movement. As a Professional Speaker, she takes audiences on an emotional rollercoaster of a journey, sharing her story along with the incredibly valuable strategic framework behind her recovery. As a Coach, she has an innate ability to create a psychologically safe environment to challenge thinking that leads to faster breakthroughs. 10 minutes with her unlocked new thinking for me that helped to refine my go-to-market processes. As business evolves to be more human-centric, I highly recommend booking her for your next corporate event or engaging her as a coach to improve team performance."

AJ Kulatunga

“Hacia enabled my inner light to shine. I feel of service to my community in a way that is authentic and valuable.

Through Hacia’s courageous leadership and mentoring, I have never felt more confident about my career development after graduation. Hacia brings out the best in people in a professional context and inspires my ability to dream ambitious goals with confidence in the practical techniques to achieve them as a young professional.  Hacia enabled my inner light to shine and to see my diverse skills as assets where I once would have felt unsure. I feel of service to my community in a way that is authentic and valuable. She has equipped my graduation experience with courage and enthusiasm to achieve my goals with leadership. Through Hacia I have networked with industry professionals to enhance my career potential and learned practical skills for industry success.”

Jamileh Hargreaves
NFP Coordinator, Barista, Youth Leader and Writer

Discover the simple life transforming process to build your courage, master your fears & transform your life, forever.

This 4-part ebook series is a practical guide on how to overcome limiting self-belief and internal fears. I have provided a number of strategies I used to turn my trauma into triumph, teaching myself to walk again after a horrific horse accident left me lifeless in a hospital bed.

There is no better time to become the master of your life than now!

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